About us

Gastronomic Diff is the creation of Yiannis Platis, a young foodie with a passion for creativity and innovation in the culinary arts. His vision is to create a center of excellence where new ideas, new concepts and new thinking in food and wine can be developed for the mutual benefit of all. To talk to Yiannis and discuss ways you can become involved please contact him directly yplatis@gastronomicdiff.org



Gastronomy is the study of food and culture, with a particular focus on gourmet cuisine.


Etymologically, the word “gastronomy” is derived from Ancient Greek γαστήρ, gastér, “stomach”, and νόμος, nómos “laws that govern”, and therefore literally means “the art or law of regulating the stomach”. The term is purposely all-encompassing: it subsumes all of cooking technique, nutritional facts, food science, and everything that has to do with palatability plus applications of taste and smell as human ingestion of foodstuffs goes.

Gastronomic Diff now,  involves discovering, tasting, experiencing, researching, understanding and writing about the differences in food preparation and the sensory qualities of human nutrition as a whole. It also studies how nutrition interfaces with the broader culture.

Taste the difference – Make the difference
with Gastronomic Diff

Gastronomic Diff is a global gastronomy project based in Greece. Its mission is to discover, study, experiment and present the variety of gastronomic differences in terms of taste, locality, traditions and influential aspects of the food and drink industry. The projects consist of a number of professionals who team up with a common passion and appreciation for the unusual, uncommon and innovative in food and drink.

The main aspects or parts of the Gastronomic Diff project are:

  • The display of innovative – different gastronomic approaches
  • The commendation or introduction of new restaurants and gourmet concepts
  • The education of people in all aspects concerning gastronomic appreciation
  • The organization of events either to promote and introduce new concepts or to reflect original different ideas of the gastronomy industry
  • To interview major Chefs and food critics and record their ideas and suggestions
  • To find every different element that promotes global gastronomy in all its myriad shapes, forms and creative expressions.